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Brown family barred from Bobbi Kristina hospice after deathbed photo uproar

According to reports, the Bobbi Kristina hospice has gone into "lockdown mode" following last week's deathbed photo uproar. A family member took a picture of Bobbi Kristina on her deathbed and shopped it to tabloids, outraging the Browns and Houstons alike. UPDATE: The Brown family has been completely banned from seeing Bobbi Kristina, and, apparently, the Houstons know who took the controversial photo. Read on...

Nick Gordon blames drugs for Bobbi Kristina’s condition in secret recording

An audio recording of Nick Gordon, made shortly after Bobbi Kristina's January 31st bathtub incident, captures Gordon discussing what happened and blaming Bobbi Kristina's drug use for her medical condition. The recording was made without Gordon's knowledge, and has emerged just as the investigation into Gordon's abusive behavior is heating up. Read on for a transcript.