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Bobbi Kristina’s cousin and “Pray for BK” tribute singer Jerod Brown arrested in Atlanta

Just one week after releasing the music video tribute "Pray for BK" in honor of his cousin Bobbi Kristina, singer Jerod Brown (aka YF Kennedy) has been arrested in Atlanta after being pulled over and lying to police about his name and whether or not he had a driver's license. Oh, and he also had an outstanding warrant. Keep reading for all the details, including his arrest in 2013 for the same exact reasons.

VIDEO Cousin Jerod Brown releases Bobbi Kristina tribute song “Pray for BK”

Bobbi Kristina Brown continues to fight for her life in a Georgia hospital more than six weeks after she was found unconscious in a tub in her Atlanta home. Her cousin Jerod Brown, who performs under the name YF Kennedy, has just released a music video tribute to Bobbi Kristina titled "Pray for BK" that has some Brown family members accusing Jerod of using the Bobbi Kristina tragedy to draw attention to himself. Keep reading to watch the video and read Jerod's responses to the allegations.