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VIDEO Bill Cosby in silk pajamas assures us all he will be hilarious in Wheeling, West Virginia

Comedian Bill Cosby continues to battle allegations of sexual assault from more than 30 women by pretty much completely ignoring the whole thing and hoping it all blows over (again). In his latest publicity move, the 77-year-old funny man posted a rather bizarre video clip earlier today in which he is wearing what appears to be silk pajamas and talking on a 1970s-era rotary phone about his upcoming show in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Judd Apatow thinks Bill Cosby should be in jail

Marc Maron finally spoke out about the Bill Cosby fiasco after a bit of silence on his WTF Podcast (it's a bit ironic that Bill Cosby has refused to go on his show because of it's indecent title,) and he articulated the complicated feelings about this horrible situation. He also called up Judd Apatow to further get his take on the situation, and Judd did not mince words.