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Seeking Sister Wife’s Tayler & Tosha show support for Christeline after Snowden abuse allegations

Fans of Seeking Sister Wife are still in shock after news broke yesterday that show star Christeline Petersen had filed restraining orders against Ashley and Dimitri Snowden amidst allegations of domestic abuse. The Snowdens’ other potential new sister wife this season, Tayler Monique, has since responded to the news, and she was joined by their co-star Tosha Jones.

Seeking Sister Wife’s Christeline says Ashley & Dimitri Snowden abused her, files restraining orders

New Seeking Sister Wife cast member Christeline Petersen apparently made the trip from South Africa with her two young daughters to live with Ashley and Dimitri Snowden. Unfortunately, the plural marriage didn’t work out as Christeline has made startling abuse allegations against Ashley and Dimitri, resulting in restraining orders against both! Keep reading for the details from the court documents. Plus, we dig a little into Dimitri’s past, including his first marriage and that time he was sued for fraud. We also offer up our take on whether or not the Snowdens will remain on the show.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 cast: Snowdens, Winders, Merrifields, Joneses, Clarks photos & bios

After the initial premiere date was mysteriously pushed back, we finally have a preview trailer and cast info for the new season of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife! Keep reading to watch the preview trailer and meet all five families looking to add a sister wife, including the return of the Winders and the Snowdens!

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Ashley Snowden asks for donations for godmother’s new salon

Ashley Snowden is going from seeking a sister wife to seeking donations. The Seeking Sister Wife star recently took to Instagram to share the inspirational story of her godmother Jewel, who survived Stage IV Leukemia after being diagnosed seven years ago. Jewel recently opened a wellness salon in Jacksonville, Florida, and Ashley was hoping that her “social media tribe” could help her godmother out with financial donations.