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TEEN MOM Bariki arrest details, he continues feud with mom Shen on Twitter

On this week's episode of Teen Mom Young and Pregnant it was revealed that new dad Bariki Smith was arrested after an altercation with his girlfriend Ashley Jones' parents, but we weren't given much information about what happened because MTV cameras were not there to capture it. Bariki's mom Shen has since taken to social media to share some details -- and to respond to her son's recent attacks on her via Twitter.

Bar’s mom Shen returns to Teen Mom Young & Pregnant after quitting over Ashley and MTV editing

Cable TV viewers no longer have to go without Vaseline and edge control as Teen Mom Young and Pregnant's breakout star Shenandoah "Shen" Williams has decided to un-quit the show in hopes of repairing things with her son Bar. She doesn't seem as hopeful as far as her future daughter-in-law Ashley goes, however.

TEEN MOM Ashley Jones apologizes to Shen, but Shen says it’s fake to get her to come back to the show

The over-the-top drama continues between Teen Mom Young and Pregnant mom Ashley Jones and her future mother-in-law Shenandoah Williams. After months of trash talking Shen, and even taking out a restraining order (which was later tossed out by a judge), Ashley has done a complete 180 and posted an apology video on social media. The tactic hasn't worked, however, as Shen says the apology is insincere and merely a ploy to make Ashley look better and to convince Shen to continue filming for the show.

TEEN MOM Y&P Bar’s brother Troy Seales convicted of murder, mom Shen angry at justice system and Bar

As we previously reported, Teen Mom Young and Pregnant star Bariki Smith's older brother Troy Seales was on trial for murder in Oakland this week, and on Friday a jury returned a verdict of guilty. Keep reading for the lengthy responses to the verdict posted by Bar and his mother Shen, including Shen's outrage at Bar for not showing support for his brother throughout the trial and only speaking out now to help his story line on the show.

TEEN MOM Y&P Ashley’s mom Pastor Tea sermon video plus 5 interesting facts about her

Get to know Pastor Tea, the charismatic mother of Teen Mom Young and Pregnant star Ashley Jones. In addition to a 29-minute video of Pastor Tea preaching The Word in church, we've also compiled a list of interesting facts about this unconventional apostle, including details about her husband, and her recent business venture promising to lower your credit score!

TEEN MOM Y&P Bar’s mom Shen quits the show after birthday fight, Ashley files a restraining order against her

MTV's new Teen Mom Young & Pregnant series has a number of explosive characters, but perhaps none more so than Bar's mom Shen. The outspoken grandmother-to-be has been the central story line for expectant young mom Ashley Jones, and their drama has apparently continued to escalate to the point that Shen has quit the show and Ashley has taken out a restraining order against her after an altercation at Bar's 21st birthday party!