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PHOTO Jessa Seewald offers update on Anna & Josh Duggar’s infant daughter Meredith Grace

News of Meredith Grace, Anna and Josh Duggar's fourth child together, has been relatively scarce since her July birth, thanks to the continued fallout from Josh Duggar's ongoing infidelityand sexual abuse scandals. This week, though, Jessa Seewald tweeted out an unexpected update on Meredith, which, though brief, offers a little positivity. Read on to check out the tweet and accompanying photo.

Duggars inexplicably repost Michelle’s advice for pleasing husbands — is it a dig at Anna?

When Michelle Duggar shared her sex advice for married women (e.g. be joyfully available, even when pregnant) the first time on the eve of daughter Jill Dillard's wedding, it was strange enough... But when the family shared the blog post at the top of their website again this month, it really got people scratching their heads.