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PHOTOS Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser accuses Puma of attacking a woman, shares alleged proof

The latest Black Ink Crew Ceaser update is a disturbing one, as the star of the hit VH1 reality series has come out strong against co-worker Puma for what Ceaser claims is evidence that Puma attacked a woman who came after Puma's wife. Ceaser shared photos of the alleged on social media before taking them down; shortly thereafter, Puma rebutted the claims, before removing his posts as well. Read on for images of the redacted information, along with a timeline of the rumored events...

Did Dutchess and Donna sleep together? Black Ink Crew stars share conflicting stories about Miami escapade

Did Dutchess and Donna sleep together? Black Ink Crew fans are all atwitter over the possibility, thanks to the show's two most recent episodes–which appeared to insinuate that the two women spent a wild night in the throes of each other's passion. However, comments both Dutchess and Donna made on social media after the Miami-based episodes aired only made matters more confusing....

Black Ink Crew: Dutchess and Donna explain their infamous ‘Eatin ain’t cheatin’ scene

The Black Ink Crew Dutchess and Donna scene from last week's episode left casual fans wide-eyed and even die-hard fans abuzz. The show appeared to depict Dutchess and Donna–who, to put it gently, haven't always been close friends–getting high together and becoming very intimate indeed. But was it a real scene? Dutchess seemed to suggest that the whole thing might have been faked, but didn't deny everything...

Black Ink Crew can’t tattoo? Allegations haunt show’s cast thanks to ‘bullsh*t’ lawsuits

Say it ain't so: Black Ink Crew can't tattoo? The hit VH1 show is set to debut its fourth season, but pesky allegations about the skills of its tattoo artists simply won't die, despite BIC's reputation as a show that "in many ways keeps it all too real." So where does the claim come from? Read on to find out about the pair of lawsuits that appears to have sullied the crew's reputation–and to see Ceaser's defiant response!

Black Ink Crew Update: Dutchess swears off feud with Donna, promises to be good (for now)

The latest Black Ink Crew update centers (unsurprisingly) on divisive fan favorite Dutchess and her always-simmering feud with crewmate Donna. The pair apparently got into a proper fight just a few days ago–and the lone, but crucial casualty was Donna's wig, which Dutchess says she snatched off of her rival's head and paraded around in. The fight then turned to social media–but both parties say they're over it...for the time being.