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Is Alton Brown bringing back Good Eats?

Is Alton Brown bringing back Good Eats? Brown and Food Network sent the star's career-making show off with a chocolate-themed Valentine's Day extravaganza in 2014–but reruns of the show are wildly popular over on sister network Cooking Channel. Recently, Alton Brown opened up about the possibility of a Good Eats revival, which has a better chance of happening than you might think...

Alton Brown questions America’s “pornification” of food: “We have designed our system to force people into nutritional slavery”

Alton Brown has some choice words for foodies and food culture. In a new interview with the New York Times Magazine, Brown calls into question what he refers to as the "pornification" of food in the United States, and wonders whether it might be time for a cultural change. Read on for excerpts from the intriguing conversation.

Alton Brown calls out Anthony Bourdain over criticism of TV chefs: “When was the last time you saw him actually cook something?”

Anthony Bourdain likes to rile people up. He recently said some unflattering (and typically Bourdanian) things about the stable of chefs over on Food Network–and Food Network mainstay Alton Brown was not pleased. Read their back-and-forth, and see what Bourdain said to try and make things right.