Carlsberg Beer employees strike for more beer at work

Well you can’t blame me I’m sticking to the union!  Beer brewing workers of Danish brewer Carlsberg have walked off their jobs outraged by the new “Lunch Only” beer drinkin’ work-place policy.  Before your rage causes you to throw your Budweiser into your cubicle wall take a deep breath and find out how Carlsberg decided on this unjust corporate evilness.

Before this new tyrrany Carlsberg employees were free to consume beer all day long in coolers placed throughout the work place.  I knew our founding fathers left something out of the Declaration of Independence.  Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the right to fire up a sixer at work.

Apparently the suits at Carlsberg have been scheming and dreaming up this new drinking policy for years, finally deciding to fault on the side of injustice and institute the new policy on April 1st.  Carlsberg truck drivers have joined in the support of their working brothers and sisters even though the policy does not apply to them.  You see the drivers are allowed to carry three beers with them outside the canteen (break-room) because of their frequent inability to have time to consume their beer there.

Company spokesman Jans Bekke stated:

“The trucks have alcohol ignition locks preventing the drivers from driving drunk”

Can’t the Danish government DO SOMETHING about this place?

The following video is a beautiful piece of foreshadowing and we would like to send it out to those brave Carlsberg strikers.  Sing out loud if you support these strikers!

“Love of my life can’t you see?  Bring it back, don’t take it away from me because you don’t know what it means to me.”

Approximately 800 workers have walked (stumbled) off the job seriously interrupting the flow of Carlsberg beer in and around the city of Copenhagen.