Cannabusted! Kristen Stewart Twilights Up On Her Front Porch!

As if having your most recent movie rake in $70 million during opening weekend isn’t enough of a high, actress Kristen Stewart decided to get even Vamp-higher by smoking out on her L.A. front steps. A potographer caught the barefooted 18-year-old actress where vampires and pot smokers shouldn’t be (in broad daylight) lighting up a non-Rockwellian pipe with a bed-headed non-toking boy buddy. Giving Kristen the benefit of the doubt, that could be tobacco in there. (Yup, and that’s caramelized sugar on Amy Winehouse’s spoon) Maybe it’s just a publicity stunt to announce Kristen is going to make an appearance on the Canadian television series Degrassy High? We doubt that as well.
Twilight star Kristen Stewart busted smoking pot?

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