Britney Spears bought dad Jamie a soul food restaurant to thank him for babysitting

Britney Spears to buy a restaurant for her dad?

Just a year ago Britney wasn’t allowed to drive by herself or drink anything as strong as a Frappucino. Back then her dad Jamie Spears orchestrated her every move, but now things have changed. Britney is now drinking Fraps again, and even driving, as seen above July 29. She’s had a successful new album, and an ongoing tour and still hasn’t nutted up again, so to thank her dad for her turn-around, Brit-Brit’s buying him a soul food restaurant, (if the Mirror is to be believed).

There really is no better way to show a daughter’s love for a dad. A soul food restaurant makes sense: Jamie is a former caterer, and specializes in cheese grits made with Velveeta, not that fancy “spreenkle cheese.” I can already taste the trans fats and processed cheese product right now. Something tells me if you come within 10 miles of Jamie Spears’ broccoli casserole your butt spreads faster than swine flu media hype and your arteries clog up like a drain after Simon Cowell takes a shower (from all the chest hairs).

A “source” says: “Britney just wanted to give him something useful as a sign of her appreciation. After all their ups and downs she knows he’s always got her best interests at heart.”

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