Exclusive: Britney Spears’ “Circus” Cover Leaked!

Record label executives are desperately trying to keep details about Britney Spears’ next “comeback” effort under wraps, but much like the pop diva’s personal life and vuh-jay-jay, they can’t seem to keep them from the public. Starcasm.net and our readers are the lucky benefactors this time around because we have obtained an EXCLUSIVE first peek at the cover of Britney’s new album “Circus!”

One of our paper-azzi sketch artists knows a guy who knows a guy that talked on the phone with a guy that was in line at a Starbucks behind a guy that is working on the cover image. Much like the leaked version of “Womanizer” we assume there will be more editing involved before the design is finalized, but we doubt the concept will change too drastically this late in the game.

So all you teenie-boppin’ Britney fans should stock up on clown makeup and over-sized shoes now, because you won’t be able to find ‘em by the time “Circus” drops on December 2! It’s already cool to wear pants that are waaay too big and own a tiny, tiny car that all your friends magically fit into. Politicians in DC are even catching on, goofing around like rodeo clowns in an attempt to wake a bull market.

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