Bobbi Kristina’s family “furious” over Nick Gordon graveside photo shoot

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The secret graveside visit that Nick Gordon paid to Bobbi Kristina last week has come back to haunt Gordon in a big way–especially since it’s been alleged that he was actually paid $40,000 to pose for teary photographs at Bobbi Kristina’s grave. Krissi’s family is reportedly “furious” with Nick Gordon in light of the revelations.

According to the clearest timeline, Nick Gordon paid a graveside visit to Bobbi Kristina’s New Jersey burial plot on August 17th, a mere two weeks after Bobbi Kristina was buried there, alongside mother Whitney Houston. Nick Gordon’s visit was supposed to be a secret, as the animosity the Brown and Houston families feel for him had already been made manifest in the form of a $10 million civil lawsuit accusing Gordon of domestic abuse.

The following week, though, Nick Gordon’s secret visit to Bobbi Kristina’s grave became public, once the National Enquirer claimed to have photographs of a tearful Gordon confronting his demons at the grave.  At the same time, sources close to Gordon further alleged that he had been paid $40,000 for the Bobbi Kristina graveside photoshoot, and claimed that Nick Gordon badly needed the money for his legal defense fund. (It wasn’t immediately clear whether the National Enquirer paid for the photos, or whether another, third party was responsible for the shoot.)

Now that all this news has come out, Bobbi Kristina’s family is allegedly “furious” with Nick Gordon, and the trauma of this most recent revelation even led to one family member’s collapse. According to a source close to the Houston family, Cissy Houston “collapsed in grief” when she heard of Gordon’s visit and alleged disrespect toward Bobbi Kristina.

Said the source,


Only [fourteen] days before Cissy was there to bury her beloved grandchild next to the grave of her tragic daughter, Whitney Houston. Cissy still can’t come to grips with Krissi being dead–and when she heard Nick went there, she collapsed in grief….Both sides of the family, including Bobbi Kristina’s dad Bobby Brown and her aunt Pat Houston, are furious that Nick dared to go to the grave after he was barred from her funeral, and before then, from the hospital and the hospice facility where she eventually died.


The criminal investigation into Bobbi Kristina’s death is ongoing. So far, Nick Gordon remains the sole suspect.


(Photo credits: WENN, National Enquirer)

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