Biggest Loser season 10 cast member Montina Cooper was a backup singer for Beyoncé

Montina Cooper on stage with Beyonce

NBC has announced the 21 people who will be competing on season 10 of The Biggest Loser.  One of the cast members is Montina Cooper from Houston, Texas and she is no stranger to cameras or the big stage.  Montina is a well respected vocalist and her career highlight is being a tour backup singer for pop superstar Beyoncé! 

You have to seriously bring it to land that type of gig and from what I’ve been able to find Montina has got the skills and then some.  Here is what is written in the bio portion of her official MySpace page:

Houston’s own superstar has emerged. Montina is moving to the Worlds Center Stage. After completing the Beyonce.. Experience World Tour as the lead background vocalist, she is ready to take the music world by storm as a solo artist. Chosen personally by Beyonce.. for her extensive vocal skill and ability, Montina sang with the ever impressive background vocalist, “The Mommas”. But Montina is more than a superb song stylist. She is a gifted song writer, vocal producer and vocal arranger. In fact she arranged the infamous version of “The National Anthem” performed by Destiny’s Child at the 2006 All Star Game. The Logo Network was so impressed by her singing and song writing it requested and placed two of her songs, Lounge and Opposites on their popular series “Noah’s Arch”. Internet research shows her vocal producing skills have been required for the popular soundtrack of the motion picture “ Hitch” to Kelly Rowland’s latest release “Ms. Kelly”. But her career spans the last decade as a formidable background vocalist for various superstars, including Mary J. Blige, Kelly Rowland, and the fabulous Beyonce.. just to name a few. As a solo artist she has opened for the outstanding Eddie and the late Gerald Levert, and the great male singing group, “112”. Montina states “I love music. It has been my life long passion to make beautiful music that will stand the test of time. And when my end comes, I want to be remembered among the best. Classics, like Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Billy Holiday, and The Eagles who are known for their own style, there own songs, and their own signature”.

If you hop over to her Myspace page there a two samples of songs from Cooper’s repertoire.

As that description mentions she is part of the singing group The Mamas which is actually the professional stage name for the trio of girls including Montina that backed up Beyoncé.  In the following clip from the live concert, The Beyoncé Experience, the pop diva introduces her song “Me Myself and I” by letting the crowd know that all the performers on stage are ladies.  You get a great taste for the flavor The Mamas with Cooper on lead brought to the show:

And here is another clip from The Beyoncé Experience in which The Mamas are up front and center to say Beyoncé’s name:

Good luck to Montina Cooper as she vies to become The Biggest Loser and win that $250,000 grand prize that comes along with the crown!  Season 10 of the long-running NBC franchise will premiere on September 21st at 8PM EST.