Biggest Loser Courtney Crozier visits Austin Andrews for a lesson in love

Guess which Biggest Loser Season 11 contestant preached a sermon on love for Mothers Day at at his father’s church in Pasadena, California? It was Austin Andrews, of course, son of preacher Ken Andrews, who was also a contestant on The Biggest Loser.

Austin before and after

The much more interesting question is, guess who made the trip all the way from Indiana just to be in the congregation for Austin’s lesson on love? It was Courtney Crozier!!


I knew it. Those two have been working overtime to keep their love connection under wraps, but I’m not buying it any more. Courtney made the trip to California to see Austin. Hannah didn’t. Neither did Irene or anyone else from the show.   If Austin is indeed romantically involved with someone he met on the Biggest Loser ranch (and no one denies that much) then I’m ready to go out on a limb and say that it must be Courtney Crozier.  It has to be.

Austin Andrews and Courtney Crozier

The only reason that I backed away from making the call three weeks ago was that contestant Arthur Wornum said, in an interview after his elimination from the show that Austin was not involved with Courtney. I saw no angle in his lying about it, and I still don’t. I can’t explain what he said or why he said it; but, the evidence is mounting up on the other side of the scale, and today it tipped.

Arthur Wornum Biggest Loser

Exhibit A: Courtney and Austin make googly eyes at each other in Episode 11

Exhibit B: All of the other single women on the ranch are either indifferent to him (Hannah and Irene) or are dating someone else (Kaylee)

Exhibit C: Courtney Crozier shows up at his Dad (Ken Andrews) church on Mothers Day to hear Austin deliver a sermon about love.

Case closed!

Is it possible that I’m wrong. Yes, of course. The producers of the Biggest Loser love to manipulate our expectations of their contestants. But the story about Courtney’s visit to Pasadena is buried on the church’s website, and no one else is reporting on it. It doesn’t happen often, but I think the Biggest Loser gossip police  just slipped up this time.

Truth is, beyond the fun of sleuthing around to find out what’s behind these rumors, I really am happy for Austin, and I really hope that there’s reason to be happy for Courtney, too. You can’t trust everything you see on TV, but these two seem to be genuinely decent people who are both on the verge of putting together great lives.  It would be just lovely if they could do it together.

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