Big Brother bikini bliss time with Porsche Briggs and Cassi Colvin

Cassi Colvin live feed bikini

While last year’s bikini banger Rachel Reilly is the current HOH and is calling the shots two of the so called newbies are really giving the Live Feed folks their money’s worth by showing some bikini skin! Hotties Porsche Briggs and lingerie model Cassi Colvin don’t have any problems lounging around in their skimpy swimwear and for that I’m very grateful.

Porsche is currently on the block alongside partner Keith Henderson but indications are that Keith is the target and the one that Rachel and Brendon want to hit the road. When I profiled Keith I called my shot by stating that he would be the first out and I’m feeling pretty good about that at this point. After seeing Porsche and her fast curves I’m hoping I’m right!

BB 13 Porsche Briggs shows skin

Porsche made purple look oh so pretty while Cassi was a bad, bad girl in black as they both exuded confidence in showing their wares. I’m feeling for Jeff and Brendon because they have to endlessly keep from getting busted with wandering bust line eyes. As for us we can look all we want!

Here’s another peep of Porsche, this time outside getting some sun like a South Florida gal knows how to do.

Porsche Briggs purple bikini

Maybe the Big Brother gods will be on the side of bikini glory and the final four will be Porsche, Cassi, Jordan and Rachel. If that’s the case, forget all the game play and competitions and lets just get to some good ol’ mud wrestling! Until that dream possibly happens pass the time by enjoying the following gallery of Porsche and Cassi upping the sexy factor for Season 13 of Big Brother. Just click on any of the thumbnails for the full beautiful image.

You know if you want to get the live feed so you can catch these wonderful moments as they happen, even on your cell this year, you can click here.