BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Jon Walters says Rachel’s daughter Lucy is safer with him than in United States

Before the 90 Days Jon fights

Before the 90 Days star Jon Walters has a history of violence, a history that includes several arrests in the UK that prevented Jon from obtaining a visitor’s visa to come to the United States and witness the birth of Rachel’s daughter Lucy earlier this year. On last Sunday’s episode, Jon talked at length about his violent past on camera with Rachel and his friends, and the conversation spilled over to social media where Jon defended himself against viewers expressing their concerns over 8-month-old Lucy being with a man that has a history of violent outbursts.

One of those conversations played out at length on an Instagram post by @90DayFiance_. The account shared screen caps of Jon, including Jon stating “I’ve been in 50 or 60 fights,” as well as this debate-inducing caption that would eventually lure Jon into the discussion:

Jon & his friends tell Rachel about his past, where he admits to being in a few fights. She trusts that it won’t happen again and agrees to move forward! What did you think about them on the last episode? ???⬇️

In his responses, Jon justifies his involvement in most all of the fights by claiming that he was defending himself or others and acting entirely within the law. Meanwhile, in response to concerns for Lucy’s safety, Jon points out that he pays for Lucy’s daycare at a facility “that has an active shooter procedure” and that Rachel “lives in fear for her life and the life of her daughters” — I assume because of all of the gun violence in the US.

Here are some of Jon’s interactions with commenters:

JON: Some of you think because I’ve had few fights Rachel and Lucy are in danger — I pay for daycare that has an active shooter procedure but can not guarantee Lucy’s safety and Rachel lives in fear of crime. Hear what I’m saying people — I pay people to look after Lucy so Rachel can work they can’t guarantee Lucy’s safety and the woman I love lives in fear for her life and the life of her daughters. You all need to know Rachel and Lucy have never ever been safer than when they were both with me, and that Is that’s an an absolute truth. Any opinions that Rachel or Lucy are in more danger being around me that at home in the USA are simply misguided and delusional.

COMMENT: 50 fights just don’t happen, that is a character flaw, not just some stuff that happened in the past.

JON: You’re wrong, you know nothing about the people I’ve protected, the drug dealers I’ve seen off, the bullies and abusing men I’ve confronted — you know nothing of the fight I was push into as a child and you don’t know what it’s like growing up with a target your back — where every scumbag in the town wants revenge — know you f**k all about my character.

COMMENT: If you have multiple convictions you were not defending someone , really after 50 or 60 fights I don’t see how your not in prison

JON: Exactly fighting isn’t a crime, defending and defending myself isn’t a crime. But a handful of times I got convicted — But overwhelmingly I didn’t act out side the law.

COMMENT: Real men don’t solve problems with their fist.

JON: Yes they do when — group of guys verbally sexual harass 2 girls and one lifts up her skirt as a joke for the amusement of their friends.

COMMENT: Are you a retard lol how do you guys know he’s a good person? Has a criminal record and his friends laugh about him because they truly know him, but since he acts nice on TV, he’s a great guy lmao.

JON: Perhaps they dragged up the past for tv sake dun dun duuuun.

Before the 90 Days Jon with Rachel's baby daughter Lucy

COMMENT: LOL that’s why you’re the old man who lives with his mom and has to date some woman who is delusional and from the states LOL.

COMMENT: I don’t think they are in danger because you been in fights. I think if anyone has a bad temper or anger problem they could cause danger if angry enough. Just because you pay for daycare doesn’t make you less dangerous. But you honestly seem very nice but we don’t know you only Lucy and family does.

JON: I hear what you’re staying – there are millions of men who bully, control abuse women in relationships- I’m not nor have I ever been one of the beta males. Who build his own esteem by breaking down the confidence of women. Those men are one argument away from beating their partner around the house. I’m not that guy.

So what do you think? Is Jon’s violent past and indication that he may be a potential risk to Lucy and/or Rachel? Or is Jon’t history of violence merely a reflection of a tough environment that often put him in situations where violence was justified — or if not justified, then at least a result of a situation that would not be replicated in a spousal or parental role?

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