Beefcake For Brunch: Joe and Nate Montana shirtless in Maui

Joe Montana shirtless in Maui

Living legend Joe Montana showed how a 4-time Super Bowl champion rolls while on vacation in Maui over the holidays.

Joe Cool, as he’s called, enjoyed some fun in the hot sun with his hot son Nate Montana. The two appeared to have a good father, son time playing toss. Nate was nursing an injury as he was encumbered by a rather large lower leg cast.

Nate looked to follow in his old man’s footsteps as he walked on at Notre Dame as a QB. His collegiate career included stops at Pasadena City College, Montana University and West Virginia Wesleyan.

Nate Montana in a cast

2012 has been a good gridiron year for Papa Joe’s former teams Notre Dame and the San Francisco 49ers, as both are looking to take home championships this year on the collegiate and professional levels. The 56-year-old is still the gold standard by which all other quarterbacks are measured.


Is it me or does Joe look like he’s walking off the field having just tossed a winner to Dwight Clark? Dude still drips with success!