Bart Simpson And The History Of Scientology In Animated Television

Nancy Cartwright, practicing Scientologist and the voice of Bart Simpson, has recorded a message that is being used in a “robocall” marketing campaign for a Scientology event. The calls have stirred controversy because Cartwright is “in character” as America’s favorite cartoon underacheiver during portions of the message. Representatives from The Simspons have denied a connection with any belief system “more profound than Butterfinger bars.” But, a starcasm investigative reporter’s trip to the local library turned up this revelatory book written by the founder of Springfield:

Jebedianetics by Springfield founder Jebediah Springfield

The trip to the library also turned up some other titles of importance in the history of Scientolgy’s influence on animated television shows. Here is a rare science fiction novel from the founder of Scientology that was published before he officially changed his name to L. Ron Hubbard:

An early science fiction novel by Scientology founder L Ron Hubbar before he changed his name from Elroy

This next title was a failed attempt to start a new branch of Scientology for culturally elite canines written by a famous member of the Family Guy cast:

Brian Griffin tries to start a new branch of Scientology

(Side Note – I suppose I was really on to something when I predicted an animated motion picture called Battlefield Smurf in a recent post.) (Hmmmm – Our first two Scientology posts within a few days of each other? Is this cause for concern?)

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