Author: Violeta Idyll

TRUE CRIME Did Kaitlin Armstrong get plastic surgery in Costa Rica?

On May 11, 2022 yoga instructor Kaitlyn Armstrong gunned down pro cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson in Austin, TX because Moriah had dated Kaitlynn’s boyfriend Colin Strickland, another pro-cyclist, during a break in their relationship. After Moriah’s slaying, Kaitlyn disappeared for 43 days and somehow managed to escape the country and make an effort to drastically change her appearance.

NEW FOOTAGE of Ezra Miller threatening to knock out a fan who just wanted a photo

Actor Ezra Miller is still dodging a protective order connected to alleged child grooming as evidence of other strange behavior mounts. He was also arrested twice in Hawaii earlier this year: one time for assault and another time for disorderly conduct. Two years ago they were recorded choking a woman who had been joking around with them. Now, another fan has published a bizarre interaction they had with the actor in 2020 when Ezra threatened to knock him out.

Was Elvis arrested for dancing? (Movie versus reality)

In the Baz Luhrmann biopic Elvis, the “King of Rock-N-Roll” gets himself handcuffed for gyrating his hips during a performance. He doesn’t get arrested, but the threat of arrest for dancing provocatively leads him to strike a deal to cut his hair and join the military for a few years to rehab his image. Did all of this really happen the way it was depicted in the film?

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Why are Steve and Brenda polygamists? Is it tied to religion?

Steve and Brenda Foley of Seeking Sister Wife are looking to add another wife to their marriage. On the show they’re courting 21-year-old April, who seems more interested in Steve as a husband than Brenda as a sister wife. The cameras are catching their growing discomfort as they move forward with this awkward relationship. Why did the Foleys choose this lifestyle?

EVIL LIVES HERE ‘He should have died sooner’ – Killer George Yzaguirre’s ex-wife Jennifer Meyers thinks he may have killed more people

George Yzaguirre’s ex-wife Jennifer Meyers says he took his secrets to the grave in Season 12, Episode 1 of Evil Lives Here. Although he was convicted of killing two of his friends in 2020, Jennifer believes he could have killed more people and she thinks she could have been his next target.