Author: Violeta Idyll

PLATHVILLE Does Lydia Plath homeschool her younger siblings?

During this fourth season of Welcome to Plathville we’ve seen mom Kim Plath start spending a lot of time out of the family home in order to follow her own path. She opened up a dance studio, decided she wanted a divorce from Barry after 24 years of marriage, and is in general on a path to finding herself. For a while, she was spending more time at the family’s various rental properties than at home. A big problem with that, however, is that she still continues to home school her minor children. Without Kim at home older sister Lydia had to pick up the slack on schooling.

PLATHVILLE Are Olivia and Moriah fighting?

Tensions are high between Moriah Plath and her sister-in-law and roommate Olivia Plath over a visit to deceased Plath sibling Joshua’s grave for his birthday. Moriah arranged the family get together to celebrate Joshua’s memory, but the graveside memorial soon turned to drama between Olivia and Moriah when mom Kim Plath decided to come as well.

90 DAY FIANCE Mohamed’s mom is on Yve’s side, tells Mohamed to adapt

For the first 14 episodes of 90 Day Fiancé Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed have clashed over their cultural and religious differences. The 24-year-old Mohamed seems to be looking for a mother figure in 48-year-old Yve, but he also expects her to abide by Muslim rules even though she had no intention to convert. Now, it looks like Yve has an ally in Mohamed’s mom.

DATELINE ‘Secrets on the Emerald Coast’ Polgyamist preacher killed his sister wife

In 2011, Florida polygamist preacher of Calvary Emerald Coast Church, James Flanders’ secret sister wife Marie Carlson sent out a group text announcing that she was leaving the area. Unfortunately, Marie never left Florida, but James and his first wife left Tanya Florida for Arizona three months after she disappeared. They took with him her young daughter Grace.