Author: Violeta Idyll

How did THE LAST OF US disease start? Is Cordyceps real?

In HBO’s The Last of Us, which is based on the 2013 video game of the same name, a deadly fungal infection called cordyceps nearly wipes out the human race. In the course of one day, September 26, 2003, modern life completely ceased and the population collapsed.

The disease spreads by humans biting each other, but who bit the first person? How did the fungus make the leap from only infecting insects to turning humans into mind-controlled zombies?

SISTER WIVES Mykelti: Meri was emotionally abusive to all the kids, but she got the “brunt of it”

A couple of weeks ago Paedon Brown implied in an interview that Sister Wives‘s Meri Brown had been abusive towards the children. He did not use the word abuse, but responded to a comment about abuse and changed the word to “abrasive.” He also stated that Meri’s abrasiveness went “far past verbal.” Now, Paedon’s sister Mykelti has made a statement about how Meri Brown treated her as a child.

Leon Brown shares TikTok showcasing gender-affirming top surgery

Leon Brown, who is Meri and Kody Brown’s only child, came out to the world trans in late June of last year. They shared at the time that their name pronounce were “they/them.”

In a poetic TikTok posted on Sunday, January 24, 2023 Leon shared the beauty of a quiet morning making bread and coffee. In the video they were shirtless, showing that they have undergone and healed from gender-affirming top surgery.