Author: Amelia Cunningham

Is Miley Cyrus’ Black Mirror character Ashley O based on real life?

The highly anticipated fifth season of Black Mirror dropped last night with a sparse 3 episodes. The last episode, “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” stars Miley Cyrus in a dystopian version of her own life as a Disney actress and pop star. Of course, the details of pop star Ashely O end up turning very bleak, but how much of this Black Mirror episode is based on real life? (Spoilers below)

Trisha Paytas claims ex Jason Nash cheated on her twice

It’s been a few weeks since YouTuber Trisha Paytas finally confirmed that Jason Nash broke up with her back in February after she released an “expose” video about him and his friend and business partner David Dobrik. Even since she revealed the breakup, she’s been crying about the breakup on YouTube and Instagram and behaving erratically. She stated that getting over this breakup has been extremely hard for her because this is the first time an ex hasn’t cheated on her. Last night, however, on both Twitter and Instagram, Trisha revealed that she just found out that Jason had cheated on her during their one-year relationship at least twice. She offered no receipts to prove her claims, but says she had received screenshots from a girl that showed his old phone number.