Author: Amelia Cunningham

A tour of Roseanne Barr’s husbands

Roseanne Barr constantly has the media in a frenzy over her support for Donald Trump and penchant for conspiracy theories, but the rebirth of her self-titled sitcom Roseanne is still pulling in great ratings. Roseanne’s polarizing personal viewpoints are no doubt helping her ratings even as people seek to boycott the show over them, but a huge part of the Roseanne‘s appeal is the power of nostalgia and the effortless comedic talents of the entire cast. She’s back with her TV husband John Goodman and it feels so right.

In 2011 Roseann admitted to New York Magazine that she had secretly been in love with co-star John Goodman for a time. John Goodman was surprised when he found out. Although “Dan and Roseanne” were never a real life item, Roseanne did have two of her husbands on the show.

Who is Rebekka Harajuku?

Model Bella Hadid seems to be having the time of her life in Japan, and even created a new self to enhance the travel experience. "?Rebekka Harajuku ?at your service" the 21-year-old wrote on an Instagram photo of herself in a blonde wig in front of her Dior ad. Soon, Rebekka had her own Instagram account. Sometimes life's more fun when you're somebody else.