Audrina Patridge stalker Zachary Loring arrested again at her home

Zachary Loring - arrested for stalking Audrina Patridge

There may not be any people watching The Hills, but there is at least one person still watching The Hills star Audrina Patridge. 24-year-old Zachary Loring, who Patridge got a restraining order against late last year, was arrested earlier today when he began pounding on Patridge’s door and ringing the doorbell at her Los Angeles home.

TMZ reports that someone inside the home called 911 and after police arrived they arrested Loring for felony stalking and misdemeanor vandalism. The site reports Loring is in custody and being held on $160,000 bail.

Audrina Patridge in a bikini
What Zachary was stalking: 24-year-old Audrina Patridge rocks a tiny bikini on set

For those that don’t remember, or never knew in the first place, Audrina Patridge was first introduced to Zachary Loring back on August 26, 2009 when her make-up artist answered a knock at the door of Patridge’s home. It was Loring, who claimed to have wine to be delivered to Ms. Patridge. Audrina came to the door and Loring started off on a rant about being a big fan, not liking his father and having a brother in prison while handing her a stack of photos, cards, drawings and poems he had written with her in mind.

Here are a couple of the drawings, you can see the rest at TMZ.

Zachary Loring drawings given to Audrina Patridge

Loring was spotted a couple more times at Patridge’s residence, and she eventually called 911 on August 30. Police arrived on the scene and arrested Loring on outstanding warrants, but he was released on bail the next day. Audrina filed for a temporary restraining order against Loring, which included details of the stalking. The restraining order was granted and there had been no more incidents involving Loring until today.

Here is the description of the harassment received by Partridge included with with her official restraining order request back in September:

Audrina Patridge is a well-known actress and is currently on television show called “The Hills.” On August 26, 2009 in the afternoon/early evening hours Ms. Patridge was at home and heard a knock at her front door. Ms. Patridge’s make-up artist answered the door and observed a man who was later identified as Zachary Loring at her doorstep. Mr. Loring stated he was there to deliver wine to Ms. Patridge.

Audrina Patridge stalker Zachary Loring arrested February 19, 2010

Not knowing who was at the door, Ms. Patridge went to her front door and saw Mr. Loring on her doorstep. Mr. Loring stated that he was a “fan” of Ms. Patridge and handed to her a stack of photos, cards, drawings and poems he had written with her. The photos depicted were odd in nature, one of which depicted a woman being strangled. The cards were dated September 15, 2009 (a date which as of today has not yet passed.) In addition, Mr. Loring handed Ms. Patridge a beer and stated that the beer was from his family’s brewery in Napa Valley and asked her to drink the beer and wanted to see her drink it. Ms. Patridge refused to drink the beer but took the cards from Mr. Loring. Mr. Loring further stated that he moved to Los Angeles because he hated his father and he does not get along with his three older brothers, one of whom was in prison. It should be noted that Ms. Patridge received a letter from Utah state prison two months ago. Ms. Patridge closed the door while Mr. Loring was still at her doorstep because she was in great fear of him. The photos, drawings, poems, and cards are attached to this request for order to stop harassment.

On August 29, 2009 at approximately 11:30pm Ms. Patridge’s neighbor was walking her dogs and observed a person on Ms. Partridge’s porch. Ms. Patridge has surveillance cameras, reviewed the video, and recognized the person who was on her porch was Mr. Loring. Mr. Loring was seen talking to himself. Based upon review of the surveillance camera video, Mr. Loring had been at Ms. Patridge’s from 7:00 p.m. on August 29, 2009 until 2:00 a.m. the following morning. The surveillance tapes have been forwarded to Los Angeles Police Department.

Audrina Patridge's stalker Zachary Loring

On August 30, 2009 Ms. Patridge arrived home from work at 4:00 p.m. (she had been working the entire day before and the day of this incident and had not slept at home the evening prior due to her work commitment) and saw Mr. Loring wearing a black suit and a red tie and was sitting on a retaining wall by her trash cans on the side of her home, which faces the street. Ms. Patridge promptly notified her driver (who had driven her home that day) to not stop in front of her home and continue driving. Ms. Patridge called 911 and police officers arrived within ten to fifteen minutes. When officers arrived, they spoke with Ms. Patridge, who explained to the officers what had occurred over the previous few days. While she was speaking with the police, she was seated in a vehicle. Once Mr. Loring observed Ms. Patridge in the vehicle in which she was a passenger, he began walking quickly towards the car. Officers told Mr. Loring to stop and place his hands above his head. The officers subsequently arrested Mr. Loring for outstanding warrants and for trespassing.

Ms. Patridge and her attorneys have received information that Mr. Loring was released from County Jail on August 31, 2009. We further believe that Ms. Patridge is being stalked by Mr. Loring, and the Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating such. Ms. Patridge is in great fear of returning to her home and is currently staying outside of Los Angeles County due to her fear for her personal safety. Based upon the information above, she respectfully requests that a temporary restraining order (TRO) be issued immediately by the court.

To see the complete legal documents, you can download a PDF file at Radar Online.

Audrina Photo: Mike/Fame Pictures
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