Aspiring actor Hector Penate admits to affair with Larry King’s wife Shawn Southwick

Apparently while Larry King is asking Pamela Anderson about her underwear, and diddling his sister-in-law Shannon Engemann, his wife Shawn Southwick was spending quality time with aspiring actor (and little league coach) Hector Penate. All this sporting behavior is kind of, sort of, leading to a messy divorce while everyone stakes claim on their money and denies allegations.

While Shannon Engemann denies sleeping with Larry King, and Shawn Southwick denies stepping out with the starry-eyed baseball coach, Hector Penate is now blabbing to anyone who’ll listen about his blond ambition with King’s wife.

According to the New York Daily News has an interview out in InTouch Weekly, and a bombshell televised confession will air on Entertainment Tonight. He spills about how he and Shawn would have sex in Larry’s bed, while he was TV. Southwick allegedly spoke often about divorcing Larry, or finding comfort in the idea that “he would die soon.” WTF?

Penate says he got lavish gifts from Southwick including a BMW 7 Series, and having his rent paid. He said Southwick even got Larry to co-sign on Penate’s lease, and that Larry didn’t seem to mind this arrangement because he was in love with Shawn’s sister Shannon. Larry even once gushed to Penate about how he thought Shannon was gorgeous.

It’s all so incestuous and tawdry, but it gets juicier. According to a source at Radaronline, Penate wasn’t just cozying up to Southwick and King for gifts and sex, he also hoped they’d help him launch his fledgling acting career.