Yukon Men

YUKON MEN Courtney Agnes’ daughters light up the Alaskan darkness for mom and dad

It’s obvious from their comparatively limited Yukon Men screen time that Courtney Agnes’ daughters are the light of her life. But you have to check out Courtney’s social media feeds–in case you didn’t know, her Twitter account is here and her Facebook account is here–to really get a sense of how close mother and daughters […]

Why doesn’t Stan Zuray’s wife Kathleen join the Yukon Men cast?

Kathleen Zuray, Stan Zuray’s wife on Discovery’s Yukon Men, has become something of a fixture for a group of the show’s (and, specifically, Stan’s) fans. Not because of anything she’s done on the show–in fact, it’s for quite the opposite reason. Thanks to Stan’s legendary stature and commanding presence, Kathleen’s near-total absence–to date, we’ve only […]