World of Jenks

World of Jenks host Andrew Jenks launches new ‘What Really Happened?’ podcast

Andrew Jenks, award-winning filmmaker and host of MTV’s acclaimed reality series World of Jenks, has just launched his own podcast titled What Really Happened? in which he uses his trademark blend of humility and insatiable curiosity to “better understand, dispute and tell the deeper story behind six real-life narratives from modern history, including: Mohammed Ali, Chris Christie, Britney Spears, Michael Jordan, Winston Churchill and Princess Diana.”

World of Jenks’ Chad’s Best Quotes

Chad, who is autistic and suffers from anxiety issues, is one of the three people Andrew Jenks followed for a year for the second season of MTV’s World of Jenks. Chad is smart, but he has some issues doing every day tasks. In fact, most of these everyday tasks are ones everyone struggles with, but for Chad the annoyances are amplified.

World of Jenks’ Kaylin Andres health update

World of Jenks Season Two tells the compelling stories of three individuals, one of which is literally fighting for her life. Andrew Jenks was with 27-year-old fashion designer and comic-book co-author, two-time cancer survivor Kaylin Andres as she moved to New York to follow her dreams last year, and then almost immediately suffered a recurrence of Ewing’s Sarcoma, the first kind of cancer she was diagnosed with.

Fashion designer Kaylin Andres to be featured on Season 2 of World of Jenks

The critically acclaimed World of Jenks is finally returning for a 2nd season on Nov 12 and this time the focus of documentarian Andrew Jenks will be squarely on 3 extraordinary young adults. One of the peeps that Andrew spent an entire year with is fashion designer and so much more, Kaylin Andres. Find out about a truly interesting soul including links, bio, videos, photos and more.