Warren The Ape

INTERVIEW: Warren the Ape on sex tapes, Shatner and sobriety

Warren the Ape lives in his own universe, a universe that just so happens to be much more interesting and fascinating than yours or mine. Bouncing around underneath his helmet are a million thoughts and ideas. We were fortunate enough to get just a tiny peek into the immense matter between those furry ape ears in an exclusive interview. Shatner, sex tapes, and sobriety. Ladies and gentlemen we present to you the career reclaiming MTV star Warren the Ape.

VIDEO Meet Dr. Drew’s new patient Warren the Ape Demontague: a celebrity puppet with reality problems

While Dr. Drew is currently busy trying to score high-profile alleged celebrity addicts to rehab on his VH1 show, and building his very own media empire, he’s managed to squeeze in a little comedy into the mix. His newest patient isn’t Lindsay Lohan (unfortunately for him), it’s an alcoholic, out-of-work, celebrity fictional ape named Warren. […]