The View

Whoopi Goldberg warns women not to hit men because they’ll hit back

The controversy involving NFL football player Ray Rice’s suspension and then ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith getting suspended for his views on the matter have opened up an interesting debate on the long-existing idea that “a man should never hit a woman.” See Whoopi Goldberg in a shouting match on The View as she says that women should not be surprised if they get struck by a man that they have hit.

The View’s Sherri Shepherd files police report after Twitter rape threat

The View’s Sherri Shepherd is fighting back against a Twitter bully who was sending her threatening tweets. Shepherd’s Twitter account lit up when she decided to retweet another user’s message that suggested someone should rape her. Sherri was so outraged by what she was receiving she took it one step further by filing a police report against the user. See the highlights from Sherri’s Twitter feed and get the identity of the user that was bullying her.

Whitey Bulger Arrested in California after 16 years on the run, Daytime TV campaign worked

Catherine Grieg and Whitey Bulger arrested after a tip from Daytime TV campaign

Never underestimate daytime TV and social networking. After putting Whitey Bulger near the top of their Most Wanted list for 16 years, the FBI just learned what Oprah has known all along: prime time is over rated. It only took the FBI’s innovative campaign, which included airing PSA’s during shows such as Dr. Oz and […]