The Ricky Gervais Show

PHOTO O’ The Day- HBO sent Ricky Gervais a silver Karl Pilkington head from Tiffany’s

I recently got emotionally and cerebrally attached to Ricky Gervais and his personal plaything Karl Pilkington, and I can’t get enough. They are my drug of choice. Sooo, when I saw this on Ricky’s blog, I suddenly have never wanted something more from Tiffany’s. HBO sent it to Ricky to as a good luck charm […]

The Ricky Gervais Show’s Karl Pilkington to appear on The Simpsons

Homer Simpson is reportedly getting some competition in the hilariously charming buffoon category as the round-headed star of The Ricky Gervais Show, Karl Pilkington, will be paying a visit to Springfield in an upcoming episode! Actually, Karl’s animated visage may not actually be in Springfield, but will reportedly be on the show in the form of a clip according to Ricky Gervais. Keep reading for what Ricky actually said and satisfy your trivia thirst by finding out Ricky’ previous connection to Matt Groenig’s show!

HBO renews The Ricky Gervais Show; gifts the world more of Karl Pilkington’s brain and Ricky’s laugh

Ricky Gervais doesn’t believe in god, but there is evidence if there is one, it’s a loving one, because HBO has renewed Ricky’s hilarious animated show The Ricky Gervias featuring the transcendent Karl Pilkington for two more seasons!

What exactly this show is takes some explaining. You can dive straight into and fall in love with the “little round headed buffoon” that is Karl Pilkington, but there’s kind of a complicated back story to how this exquisite cartoon curiosity came about.