The Last Alaskans

The Last Alaskans Season 4 cast changes coming: Is Discovery looking for new families?

Discovery’s critically acclaimed show The Last Alaskans is set to air its third season finale tonight. As always, the possibility that some of the show’s families may choose not to return to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is in the air. And, given how tumultuous this season has been, it’s probably fair to say that […]

PHOTOS What condition do The Last Alaskans Lewis daughters have?

One of the most persistently asked questions about Discovery’s quietest reality show involves the eye condition of The Last Alaskans Lewis daughters. While Ray and Cindy Lewis spent their formative years in the lower 48 (they’re both Michigan natives), their three daughters–Molly (age 23), Emma (21), and Sarah (19)–all grew up in the Arctic National […]

The Last Alaskans loses cast members & faces off with a persistent villain ahead of Season 3 premiere

The Last Alaskans‘ 2017 iteration is going to be markedly different from previous years, thanks to the unexpected & unexplained departure of two cast members. While Discovery’s out-of-the-blue announcement of The Last Alaskans Season 3 has been met with cheers from critics and fans alike, Reality Blurred was among the first to point out that […]

Is The Last Alaskans real? What residents say about Discovery’s new show

Is The Last Alaskans real? The new version of the series, which Discovery took over after Animal Planet got it going last year, has been met mostly with acclaim, but only after a wary greeting from viewers and Alaskans alike, both of whom seemed to be tired of the ongoing trend of shows set in the frozen north. So, does The Last Alaskans pass the reality test? Read on to see what folks in the 49th state have to say!