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Lindsey Grant responds to Ty Brown’s divorce comments from The Bachelorette

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Watching Ty Brown’s first one-on-one date with Ali Fedotowsky in episode six of The Bachelorette made for some very uncomfortable television viewing as the hunky 31-year-old musician from Nashville struggled to answer questions about his recent divorce from Lindsey Grant. His good ol’ boy charm wasn’t enough to overcome his awkwardness as he seemingly seemingly […]

Interview with Lindsey Grant, ex-wife of Ty Brown from The Bachelorette

For most of us, this season of the The Bachelorette has been a drama-packed and entertaining spectacle highlighted by professional wrestler Justin “Rated R” Rego’s bravado, a hilarious feud between bully Craig McKinnon and the chronically bullyable Jonathan “The Weatherman” Novack and Kasey Kahl’s heart, rose and shield tattoo. But for Lindsey Grant, a 32-year-old singer/songwriter out of Nashville, the televised competition for the heart of Ali Fedotowsky has been anything but entertaining, serving instead as a painful reminder of betrayal and heartbreak.

Keep reading for our exclusive interview with Lindsey, in which she talks about her relationship with Ty and his decision to go on a reality dating show so soon after their split.

EXCLUSIVE Did The Bachelorette’s Ty Brown cheat on wife Lindsey Grant?

The Bachelorette contestant Ty Brown confessed to Ali Fedotowsky in Monday night’s episode that he had been married before, telling her he “got divorced and it was not a bad divorce, it was one of those things where it just wasn’t right.” Ty’s ex-wife Lindsey Grant has a different story to tell!

Bachelorette’s Ty Brown’s ex-wife Lindsey Grant photos and bio

Guitar-picking Ty Brown from Nashville mentioned in his bio video during the season premiere of The Bachelorette tonight that he was married for two years and just recently got a divorce. I’m sure all of you Ali fans are curious about this hunky good ol’ boy suitor and are wondering about his first wife, so I tracked down all the information the internet had to offer on singer/songwriter Lindsey Grant and compiled it for you in a convenient little blog post!