Storage Wars

Brandi Passante bikini photo, plus Jarrod Schulz ‘cleanse raped’ by Brandi (aka goes on a diet)

In a preview clip for tonight’s episode of Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job things get a little heated as the couple decide having a healthier diet would be a good idea. Actually, it may just be Brandi who thinks it’s a good idea as Jarrod becomes the first ever TV star to hurl accusations of “cleanse rape.” Also, Brandi’s self confidence seems to have been boosted as she posts the first ever photo of herself in a bikini! Could a Jarrod Schulz Speedo pic be next?!?

VIDEO PHOTOS Storage Wars’ Brandi and Jarrod score spin-off series Married to the Job

Brandi and Jarrod MArried to the job family photo with daughter Payton and son Cameron

Storage Wars bickering bidders Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz must have won over fans with their 30-minute special “Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job” back in April because A&E has announced the duo (and their two children) will be starring in a full-fledged spin-off series with the same title airing right after new Storage Wars episodes beginning August 12! Keep reading for a preview video, photos and details on the series — which will reportedly include Brandi and Jarrod finally getting married!

VIDEO YUUUP! Dave Hester is returning to Storage Wars

After a very bitter falling out, which included a lawsuit and a war of harsh words in the press, A&E is bringing back storage auction bidding super-villain Dave “The Mogul” Hester when Storage Wars returns on August 12th! Keep reading for the full scoop as well as co-star Darrell Sheets’ less-than-positive reaction to the news.

A&E to air ‘Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job’ Storage Wars special

Despite being fan favorites on one of the most popular reality shows in cable television history, Storage Wars couple Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante have gone out of their way to keep their private life just that… until now! A&E announced earlier today that the “Young Guns” will be getting their own special titled “Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job” airing on April 22. YUUUUUPPPP!

PHOTOS Brandi Passante and bearded Jarrod Schulz host Storage Wars anniversary party

Storage Wars Season 5 premieres on March 18 and the show’s original “Young Guns,” Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante, hosted a big bash at their Now & Then Second Hand Store in Orange, California on Saturday to celebrate. Brandi and Jarrod were joined by the show’s auctioneers, Dan and Laura Dotson, as well as a brand new cast mate and “Young Guns” team member: Jarrod’s gigantic bushy beard!

Barry Weiss spin-off Barry’d Treasure airs March 18 after Storage Wars Season 5 premiere

A&E officially announced today that the original band of storage locker warriors will be back for another round as Storage Wars Season 5 premieres March 18 with two brand new back-to-back episodes starting at 9/8c. Although fans will be seeing bidding mainstays Brandi, Jarrod, Casey, Rene, Darrell and Ivy doing battle, they won’t be treated to more antics from charismatic jokester Barry Weiss — not until 10/9c that is! Yupppp! Barry Weiss hand landed his own show! Keep reading for all the details.