Shark Tank

Shark Tank: How did Mark Cuban make his money?

The opening sequence of Shark Tank gives just a little information about each of the venture capitalists that stand between the show’s hopeful entrepreneurs and the big time. While each of the Sharks have great back stories that involve things like turning a $10,000 loan into a dynasty or starting as a waitress and ending up with a real estate empire, Mark Cuban remains a high-profile mystery. None of the Sharks has Mark Cuban’s fame, but all of them now have more well known rags-to-riches stories than he does. So, how did Mark Cuban become Mark Cuban? How did he make his fortune?

Shark Tank: Are the deals for real? Can the Sharks back out?

Shark Tank Marc Cuban Barbara Corcoran Robert Herjavec

When Shark Tank shows us someone making the deal of a lifetime and getting big-time backing for their business, it really looks like we’re watching dreams come true. But, are those dreams too good to be true? Are the Shark Tank deals we see on TV binding? Do they hold up when the cameras are turned off or can the sharks renege? Have they ever backed out?