Sesame Street

PHOTO Sesame Street’s Bert & Ernie New Yorker cover after Supreme Court gay marriage rulings

It seems the landmark rulings by the Supreme Court on two separate gay marriage cases Wednesday is having implications everywhere — even on Sesame Street! The New Yorker revealed the cover for it’s next issue earlier today and it features muppets Bert and Ernie seemingly cuddling on the couch and watching coverage of the rulings on TV.

VIDEO Jon Hamm with Elmo on Sesame Street

Playing the stoic Don Draper on Mad Men doesn’t leave a lot of room for Jon Hamm to debut his goofy side, which is why it was so much fun to learn that he would be starring in a Sesame Street segment this season! In an episode premiering Thursday, April 18th, a bearded Jon Hamms it up with Elmo and presents the word of the day, which was sculpture, and teaches us all about the art form.

VIDEO Melissa McCarthy and Elmo’s Sesame Street dance

Though Melissa McCarthy has one of the most impressive comedic resumes of the last ten years, we all know you haven’t really made it in the world of funny until you’ve been invited to take a stroll down that famous road where the air is sweet and the clouds are chased away by a sunny day. Well, Melissa has now officially made it! Check out her hilarious skit on Sesame Street alongside Elmo in which the two of them learn a little dance thanks to a choreographer penguin.

Elmo accuser Sheldon Stephens mug shot photos and arrest details

The moral fabric of our great nation began to unravel earlier this week when Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash was publicly accused of having a sexual relationship with an underaged boy, resulting in Clash taking a leave of absence from Sesame Street. The previously unidentified accuser, 24-year-old aspiring model Sheldon Stephens, has since recanted his accusations, and details are beginning to emerge about his questionable past, including a 2009 arrest after allegedly stealing $250,000 in jewelry from a music executive he was interning for!