MTV Buckwild Made In Kentucky reality show being filmed in Elkhorn City

MTV filming new Buckwild show ‘Made In Kentucky’ in Pike County, KY

Only a couple days away from the five-year anniversary of the passing of Buckwild star Shain Gandee, it is being revealed that MTV is returning to the Appalachian mountains for another “coming of age” reality series documenting local youths from Pike County Kentucky titled Made In Kentucky. And much like the controversy surrounding Buckwild when it was first announced, local residents — and the Elkhorn City Mayor — are not excited by the news at all.

PHOTOS Buckwild, Teen Mom2 and Myrtle Manor cast members connected in alleged assault

In what could be the biggest off-screen reality show crossover incident in history, an alleged brutal assault is at the center of a story involving cast members from Buckwild, Teen Mom 2 and Welcome To Myrtle Manor! It all started with graphic photos posted by Welcome To Myrtle Manor star Taylor Burt’s girlfriend Kat Scholato showing facial injuries she says she received from Buckwild star Anna Davis, who is currently living with Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. Keep reading to find out more and see the graphic pictures at the center of it all.