Big Rich Atlanta

Big Rich Atlanta’s Kahdijiha Rowe has felony assault charges dropped for Ashlee Wilson-Hawn altercation

Big Rich Atlanta star Kahdijiha Rowe has been cleared of all charges in the felony assault case stemming from her infamous on-screen altercation with cast mate Ashlee Wilson-Hawn, with the official court dismissal stating that “this matter was a clear case of self defense.” Keep reading for the the full dismissal, Kahdijiha’s reaction, and details about her new anti-bullying book inspired by the incident.

EXCLUSIVE Ashlee Wilson-Hawn post-fight interview

Ashlee Wilson-Hawn was recently involved in an epic on-screen brawl with her Big Rich Atlanta co-star, Kahdijiha Rowe. While she insists she’s innocent (she even filed charges), some reports have claimed otherwise, so Ashlee’s speaking with Starcasm to set the record straight and dish out even more details about what went down during and after the fight.

EXCLUSIVE Ashlee Wilson-Hawn and Kahdijiha Rowe’s fight details from celebrity stylist Keon Brunson

Ashlee Wilson-Hawn made her reality TV debut last week on Style Network’s new series Big Rich Atlanta, and while she’s only been in the spotlight for a short time, she’s been all over the headlines. Most recently, reports have surfaced that Ashlee’s infamous (but yet to actually air) birthday party brawl with co-star Kahdijiha Rowe wasn’t an attack like Ashlee had claimed, and that it was actually Kahdijiha who was the victim. However, an insider who attended the party tells a different story.

Exclusive interview with Ashlee Wilson-Hawn of Big Rich Atlanta

Ashlee Wilson-Hawn is one of the 13 ladies who is currently appearing on Big Rich Atlanta, a new series on the Style Network. Ashlee, who is a stand-out personality on the show to say the least, recently spoke with Starcasm about how she was selected for the show, her pageant past, her relationship with boyfriend Zach, and much more!

PHOTOS Big Rich Atlanta cast and premiere date announced

The Style Network has just announced the cast of the brand new series Big Rich Atlanta — and there is a lot of them! Thirteen ladies make up the cast of the new show, which will be coming your way early next year. Keep reading to see a group photo as well as individual pictures of most all the peaches involved.

Big Rich Atlanta’s Ashlee Hawn attacked by co-star Kahdijiha Rowe at her own birthday party

Big Rich Atlanta isn’t scheduled to premiere until January, 2013 but the cast is already making headlines for an assault that occurred earlier this month! Ashlee Wilson Hawn claims to have been attacked by her co-star Kahdijiha Rowe while celebrating her birthday earlier this month, and now she is reportedly afraid for her safety and refusing to return to the show! Keep reading for all the hair-pulling smackdown drama including a photo of Ashlee’s injuries!

Style Network new reality series Big Rich Atlanta filmed at Buckhead Country Club in… Roswell?

On Wednesday Style Network revealed in a statement that it would be renewing its reality series Big Rich Texas for a third season and also announced that they will also be airing another installment of the franchise based in Atlanta called Big Rich Georgia! Although the press release states the show is being filmed at “Buckhead Country Club, where outrageously wealthy mothers and daughters do whatever it takes to stay on top of the social scene and in control of the action,” we discovered it’s actually being filmed at Brookfield Country Club in Roswell, GA. Keep reading for all kinds of info, including the press release from Style Network and the Brookfield Country Club newsletter announcing to its members that a reality show is coming.