Matt Hoffman

Britney Haynes’ pageant photo from Big Brother 12

Britney Haynes won the Head of Household competition on last Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 12 but it wasn’t until Sunday night’s episode that we got to see her HoH room, which was loaded down with all sorts of Southern Britney yum! In addition to University of Arkansas paraphernalia, a photo with her fiance Nick Grisham and a sweet letter from her mom, there was the above pageant photo to which Britney exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! That’s going away!” Click to see the photo Matt accurately described as “this bizarre, creepy, nightmarish, like prom pageant picture…It instantly becomes my favorite picture in the house.”

PHOTOS Big Brother 12’s Matt Hoffman was on “Average Joe” in 2005

One of Big Brother 12’s thirteen house guests is Matt Hoffman, a 32-year-old tatted web designer who likes to rock out and reportedly backed out of the show last season at the last minute to get married. Some have suggested that because he was asked to come back that it might suggest he is the “saboteur” this season, and a skeleton from his closet seems to back that theory up – Matt has reality show competition experience! See photos of Matt on Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back from 2005!

VIDEOS Big Brother 12’s Matt Hoffman with his band Shooting Blanks

One of the house guests competing for the $500,000 grand prize in season 12 of Big Brother is Matt Hoffman, a 32-year-old web designer from Elgin, Illinois. Matt was in a punk band called Shooting Blanks and I was able to dig up two “classic” videos from the band. Tattoos, babes tether with duct tape and an impossibly over the top guitar… Check it out!