Ax Men

Katelyn Sims from Ax Men doesn’t let cystic fibrosis stand in her way

The 7th season of Ax Men premieres tonight and one of the new team members of the Dreadknots is Katelyn Sims. Find out about this southern-strong woman who lives life to the fullest and on her own terms in spite of living with cystic fibrosis. Photos, background information, social media links and an insightful interview with Katelyn about why she wants to find a cure for CF included.

Ax Men’s Jimmy Smith lost his battle with cancer on November 1

There were a lot of familiar faces in the premiere episode of Ax Men Season 6, but one long-time cast member didn’t look like himself at all. S&S Logging’s Jimmy Smith appeared to have lost at least 50 lbs. and his graying dark hair had turned almost completely white. It didn’t take the show long to give an explanation for Jimmy’s transformation: he was fighting cancer. Sadly, Jimmy lost his battle with the disease on November 1. Keep reading for his obituary and a statement from The History Channel on his passing.

Former Chicago Tribune reporter Judy Peres cast for Ax Men

Judy Peres has the kind of life and story worth hearing about and the producers for History Channel’s Ax Men knew it. Judy was a reporter and then editor for The Chicago Tribune for 28 years. Instead of going gently into that good retirement the then 61-year-old moved with her partner, David Hozza, to Wisconsin in hopes of building a marina on the shores of Lake Superior. There was just one little problem that the Yale grad and her investment banker partner turned into one large commitment… Read on for the fascinating backstory of how 100-year-old-plus grain elevators became an all-in investment in the field of wood reclamation.

VIDEO Ax Men’s Chad Miano discusses the ‘dignity dividend’ of horse logging

The fifth season of History’s Ax Men is underway and one of the new teams is H.H. Horse Logging out of Floyd County, Virginia. This region is famous for being home to some of the greatest and most influential musicians in recorded American history including The Carter Family and Ralph Stanley. Now the men of H.H., Jagger and Jason Rutledge and horseman Chad Miano are looking to put this area on the reality map while providing viewers with a taste of what horse logging is all about. See a great clip of horseman Chad Miano from a few years back discussing why he loves horse logging and the concept of a “dignity dividend” in the line of work he has chosen.