16 and Pregnant

AUDIO Best friend Samantha-Jo Diggs says Nikkole Paulun faked her pregnancy

Even after 16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun revealed in an interview this week that her second pregnancy ended tragically when her 8-month-old son Ashton was stillborn on July 28, allegations that the whole pregnancy was a hoax continue to hound the 19-year-old single mom. The latest to step forward claiming Nikkole’s pregnancy was faked is her close friend of six years, Samantha-Jo Diggs, who said in a telephone interview that Nikkole used a fake baby bump, Photoshopped images of herself, stole baby items from the hospital for a staged photo shoot, and even researched purchasing a tombstone in a cemetery among other things — all to make money. Keep reading for audio of the full interview with Sam as well as our bullet point highlights and links to other evidence that seem to back up Sam’s claims.

Creator of Teen Mom franchise Lauren Dolgen says “bring on the criticism”

In the countless numbers of articles written about 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 and now Teen Mom 3, relatively little has been said by or about show creator Lauren Dolgen. In a recent “So What Do You Do” write-up via Media Bistro, the MTV executive discussed her creations and the endless debate that will forever rage about the franchise. Find out how Dolgen defends the show’s legacy as well as the cast and how she, as a producer, deals with the conflicting issue of how reality TV can turn virtual unknowns into stars, changing the nature of who they were when first cast.

16 & Pregnant’s Izabella Tovar shares stretch mark photos, starts teen pregnancy support group

We check in with 16 and Pregnant alum Izabella Tovar for an update on life as a teen mom. She reflects on her appearance on MTV and what has been going on with her, Jairo, and their son Henry since the cameras stopped rolling. She also talks about recently sharing photos of her stretch marks online and her goal to start a teenage pregnancy support group in her home state of Utah!