16 and Pregnant Season 4

PHOTOS 16 & Pregnant’s Sarah Roberts had second baby, hid pregnancy during MTV follow-up special

Even though she was six months pregnant when MTV filmed a follow-up special this summer, 16 & Pregnant‘s Sarah Roberts managed to conceal the baby news. She went on to welcome daughter Tessly with her new boyfriend on Oct. 1. See pictures of the family and what Sarah says about her decision to hide the pregnancy…

AUDIO Best friend Samantha-Jo Diggs says Nikkole Paulun faked her pregnancy

Even after 16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun revealed in an interview this week that her second pregnancy ended tragically when her 8-month-old son Ashton was stillborn on July 28, allegations that the whole pregnancy was a hoax continue to hound the 19-year-old single mom. The latest to step forward claiming Nikkole’s pregnancy was faked is her close friend of six years, Samantha-Jo Diggs, who said in a telephone interview that Nikkole used a fake baby bump, Photoshopped images of herself, stole baby items from the hospital for a staged photo shoot, and even researched purchasing a tombstone in a cemetery among other things — all to make money. Keep reading for audio of the full interview with Sam as well as our bullet point highlights and links to other evidence that seem to back up Sam’s claims.

REPORT Mackenzie Douthit had a late-term miscarriage before 16 & Pregnant

The fourth season of 16 and Pregnant featured Mackenzie Douthit, a cheerleader from rural Oklahoma, as she carried, delivered and began raising her son, Gannon. What the show didn’t mention was that the pregnancy was actually Douthit’s second. Tragically, she had a late-term miscarriage just before getting pregnant with Gannon.

PHOTOS 16 & Pregnant’s Kristina Head gives birth to second child, son Joseph

16 & Pregnant Season 4 alum Kristina Head (formerly Kristina Robinson) continues to move onward and upward after having to deal with the tragic drowning death of her fiance and father of her unborn child, John Todd Hight Jr. in April of 2011. Kristina has since gotten married to TJ Head and the couple gave birth to son Joseph Tuesday evening! Keep reading for the baby deets as well as photos and tweets from Kristina from throughout the day at the hospital!

16 & Pregnant’s Blake Thomas mug shot photo from January 3 arrest

16 and Pregnant Sarah Roberts' baby daddy Blake Thomas mug shot photo

Looks like we may have a first ballot 16 & Pregnant Deadbeat Dad Hall of Fame inductee! Blake Thomas (Sarah Robert’s red-headed video gamer who took off to pursue a career shrimping in the Atlantic in Season 4) was arrested yesterday in Hamilton County, Tennessee for driving on a suspended license and added this mug shot photo to his pretty impressive HoF resume.

REPORT 16 and Pregnant’s Sabrina Solares diagnosed with cancer

16 and Pregnant Season 4 cast member Sabrina Solares has reportedly been diagnosed with cancer. All the Teen Moms broke the story on Sulia a short while ago, and since that time a statement reportedly from Sabrina has surfaced online. Keep reading for her statement as well as a comment from her Facebook fan page.