Teen Mom 2

Jeremy Calvert girlfriend Desi Kibler arrested for DUI twice

Jeremy Calvert’s new gf Desi Kibler arrested for DUI twice in the same night, Jeremy bailed her out

Teen Mom 2 dad Jeremy Calvert officially revealed that he is dating 22-year-old Desi Kibler from Canton, Ohio last week, and it appears as though he may have his hands full! According to online records, Desi was arrested for DUI and drug possession on April 12 and booked. Apparently, she decided it was a good idea to drive herself home from jail as she was stopped by the same officer and arrested for DUI again (in addition to driving on a suspended license) less than two hours later. This time, Jeremy had to bail her out.

FULL RECAP David Eason & Leah Messer Makeupgate controversy: Jenelle says David now receiving death threats

David Eason Leah Messer daughter Aleeah makeup comment

Get a full recap of all the drama currently playing out after Jenelle Eason’s husband David Eason decided to leave a comment on co-star Leah Messer’s Instagram account about how much makeup her daughter Aleeah is allowed to wear during cheerleader competitions. In the latest chapter, Jenelle shares a series of videos in which she reveals that David is now receiving death threats, and Leah uses Twitter to shake her damn head in a mature and humorous manner.