Speedo Bliss

PHOTO Jerry O’Connell invents ‘Dad-Speedo-Bomb’ thanks to wife Rebecca Romijn’s tweet

Actress Rebecca Romijn is new to the whole Twitter thing which late night host Conan O’Brien was more than glad to highlight when he revealed a recent tweet in which actor-husband Jerry O’Connel photo-bombs his adorable twin daughters in a pair of Speedos. See the wonderfully embarrassing dad-pic as well as Romijn’s defense of her husband rocking what she called “plum smugglers.”

PHOTO Ryan Lochte’s dog endures Sexiest Man Alive photo shoot

It’s been brought to my attention that we’ve been severely lacking in our Speedo Bliss and cute animal posts so I figured I’d knock both of those demands out with the help of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. JEAH! Take a gander at some serious posing from Ryan and then caption the photo from the perspective of his Doberman Carter.

Random Olym-Pics: Tom Daley is an English diving Adonis

Every 4 years the world gathers together in a spirit of harmony to embrace the open theatre of competition and athleticism that is the Olympic Summer Games. What they also do is remind us that some of the most sculpted and otherwise stunning looking men on the planet participate in these events. Case in point is 18-year-old English diver Tom Daley. For 99% of the human population Speedos are a HORRIBLE idea. Tom is the 1% folks!