Aaron Hernandez

REPORT Aaron Hernandez’s alleged prison lover Kyle Kennedy received $50,000 goodbye gift from Hernandez

The identity of Aaron Hernandez’s rumored homosexual lover–allegedly the last person to see Hernandez alive–has been revealed. According to a new Daily Mail report, Aaron Hernandez’s alleged prison lover Kyle Kennedy has been taken off of suicide watch, onto which he was placed six days ago after learning about Hernandez’s suicide. Larry Army Jr., Kennedy’s […]

REPORT Was Aaron Hernandez bisexual? Odin Loyd murdered to keep sexuality hidden

A new report suggests that the real reason Aaron Hernandez committed murder may have been to keep his bisexuality a secret. The many mysteries surrounding the 27-year-old former NFL Pro Bowler, who hanged himself to death in his prison cell last week, is the subject of a new report by Newsweek–and the report floats Hernandez’s […]

UPDATE Aaron Hernandez has been charged with murder

Aaron Hernandez was arrested and taken away from his home in handcuffs this morning after an acquaintance of the NFL star tight end was found dead near his home. It took less than 2 hours for the New England Patriots to make a move as they have decided to drop Hernandez from their roster completely. Find out what sources think the charges will be against Hernandez and the Patriot’s official statement on why they let Hernandez go after signing him to a 5-year, $40 million contract last summer.