Teachers Breaking Bad

UPDATE Georgia teacher who put autistic child in trash can accused of far-reaching abuse

Mary Katherine Pursley, who earlier this week was arrested for lowering an autistic student head-first into a trash can, has been accused of a long history of both verbal and physical abuse. She’s on paid administrative leave for the time being, but it’s possible that the County will bring criminal charges against her–and there’s certainly no shortage of parents willing to do the same.

VIDEO Teacher Irene Stokes denies fondling allegation, explains she doesn’t like to touch black children

Texas teacher Irene Stokes mugshot photo

Humble, Texas first grade teacher Irene Stokes is currently denying allegations that she fondled one of her students, and you won’t believe her main argument in her own defense! According to Humble Police Department Detective J. Blanchard, Stokes said she “doesn’t like to even touch the black children on their hand, she shies away when they try to hug her.” In other words, “she admitted to being prejudice,” Blanchard says.

Teachers Breaking Bad: November 23-29, 2011

It’s time for another Tuesday edition of the week’s best of the worst from America’s educational system as we present to you Teachers Breaking Bad. This one includes a NYC teacher who had an alleged 2-year sexual relationship with a middle school student at her school and another elementary school teacher arrested for drug trafficking while driving a man who had in his criminal history, “possession of weapon of mass destruction.”