LINKS! Cardi B talks Bloods, Carrie Underwood face reveal, Karen Huger goes wild…

Cardi B talks Bloods 1

THE BLEMISHCardi B disclosed her potentially lethal back room butt implants in her quickly legendary GQ interview, and she also spoke openly about joining the Bloods when she was a teenager. Guess which one of those two things has been more dangerous for her

DLISTEDCarrie Underwood will officially reveal her post-accident face by performing at the ACM Awards this Sunday. (Also, ICYMI Adrienne from Below Deck actually got a photo with Carrie and put it up on Twitter the other day. She looks great!)

REALITY TEAAshley Darby is calling out Karen Huger for her arrogance and general unpleasantness, but Karen is also pretty much carrying RHOP Season 3, so…*shrug*

VOXThe biggest and most predictable takeaway from Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimony yesterday is that nobody in Congress seems to really understand anything about what Facebook is or how it works. FWIW, the average age of a member of the 115th Congress is 59

CELEBITCHYBrad Pitt and his MIT professor architect lady friend Neri Oxman either met casually six months ago or fell madly in love and started a relationship six months ago, depending on which tabloid you’re reading and how much you want to think about Brad Pitt’s sexy times

LAINEY GOSSIPChris Pine and Annabelle Wallis are almost certainly dating for real now; here’s a photo gallery of the two of them looking super happy together at a Malibu dinner party

UPROXXAccording to Jane Krakowski, there has “definitely been talk and conversations” about a 30 Rock reboot, which the cast apparently agrees was “probably the best experience [they’re] ever going to have”

JEZEBELThe creators of Westworld promised their fan community to spoil the entirety of Season 2 if they got 1,000 upvotes on Reddit, then promptly Rickrolled them with a 25-minute video that also (and mostly) contains footage of a dog sitting at a piano. Hats off