My Latest Crush

BAD IDEA: Attempted robbery at a gas station manned by MMA stud

Mayura Dissanayake has a name that’s really hard to spell or pronounce… He also has fists and feet of fury that he used to thoroughly dismantle some would-be robbers outside of the gas station where he works in Houston, Texas. To quote the five-time MMA champ, “The first guy I saw, I just kicked him in the face. Then I punched the other guy.” See the video that proves, in the most decisive way, that crime doesn’t pay!

Oregon governor gives CPR to woman dying from possible overdose

The fine folks from the great state of Oregon have a reason to feel a little extra pride about being Oregonians as it’s been revealed that their elected leader, Governor John Kitzhaber, reacted to an emergency scene yesterday possibly saving a woman’s life. Read about Kitzhaber’s heroics and how this is just the latest in a number of “on call” actions from the former emergency room doctor.

Yes, I too am addicted to watching a tiny hamster eat tiny burritos

My friend dialed me up this morning and was all like, “Whatcha been up to man?” And I had to answer honestly, “I’ve been watching this random video of a cute hamster eating a tiny burrito over and over again and I can’t stop.” This friend hung up on me but did call back later and stated, “Now I’m simply unable to stop watching the video you mentioned. It is dangerous.” Well, that’s all I needed to know to verify that this was worth sharing with all of you fine folks, or at least the ones that haven’t already watched it like a million times.