VIDEO Lady Gaga and Sugarland wow on “You and I” for Grammy concert

CBS had a concert last night to coincide with the nominations for this year’s Grammy Awards. Lady Gaga kicked off the show with her version of “Marry the Night” but it was her duet with country music’s Sugarland that stole the show. See the amazing and energetic duet for Gaga’s hit single “You and I” as #Sugaga left us with a rare, memorably wonderful live TV music moment.

VIDEO Stage crashes at Sugarland concert, five lives lost

In very sad news from the world of music, the stage for the duo country group Sugarland collapsed during a sudden storm at the Indiana State Fair Saturday night. Five lives were tragically lost, dozens more were injured and a memorial service is being held today as the fair reopens to the public. We have video footage from a fan who was filming the threatening skies and caught the terrible and sudden moment in which the stage collapsed.

‘Sugarland’ settles lawsuit with ousted founder Kristen Hall

The latest news for country mega-selling act Sugarland sure makes me feel better. I could have sworn that back when they first broke big their was a third member, a female if I recalled, but after time and about 1,000 music videos I started to question if indeed there ever were a third. Well lo and behold there was a third member by the name of Kristen Hall and the band Sugarland, now popularly known as the duet Jennifer Nettles and Christian Bush, have reached a settlement with their former band mate and manager.

Find out about the initial $1 Million + lawsuit and why Hall parted ways with Nettles and Bush in the first place.