Watch What Happens Live Gangnam Style parody video

I realize “Gangnam Style” parody videos are soooooo 2012, but this Watch What Happens Live mashup clip put together by sisters Tamara Turkisher and Jodi Taranto is so great I just had to share it! Keep reading to watch the video, see some silly Andy Cohen graphics, and see what you can do to help these two creative sisters realize their dream of being on the show! (Oh, and there’s a bonus clip of Andy Cohen attempting the horsedance with way more enthusiasm than ability! “Heeeeeeey, sexy Andy!!”

UPDATE – We contacted Jodi and she was kind enough to provide the complete “Watch What Happens Style” lyrics!

Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si becomes Uncle Psy in Gangnam Style music video parody

Duck Dynasty, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and wordplay are three of my favorite things, so imagine my pleasure in discovering a Jib Jab video that combines them all! Duck Dynasty tea addict Uncle Si Robertson transforms into Uncle Psy in this hilarious clip in which could either be called “Duck Psynasty” or “Louisiangnam Style!” (You may […]

How much money has Psy made from “Gangnam Style?”

South Korean viral video sensation Psy has taken the world by storm with his addictively fun and surreal music video for the single “Gangnam Style,” which has surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” as the most watched video on Youtube, recently becoming the first Youtube video ever to get a BILLION views! Yes, that’s right, I said a BILLION! So what does being an overnight viral video sensation with the most watched music video in the history of mankind equate to in dollars? I’ve tracked down two different accounts of the estimated revenue and constructed two handy dandy graphics illustrating their findings.

PSY of ‘Gangnam Style’ fame rapped about wanting American soldiers and their families killed

South Korean internet sensation Psy dominated 2012 with his unavoidable “Gangnam Style.” It is already the most watched clip in YouTube history but something tells me that his popularity in the United States may soon take a serious hit. It has been revealed that on a song from before his horse dancing viralness, PSY rapped about wanting American soldiers as well as their families killed. Read the lyrics and find out what upcoming scheduled event could cause a major headache for Barack Obama.

VIDEO Psy teaches Britney Spears and Ellen the ‘Gangnam Style’ horse dance

Britney Spears outed herself as one of the millions of fans of viral internet sensation Psy and his music video for the single “Gangnam Style” by tweeting back on August 28, “I am LOVING this video – so fun! Thinking that I should possibly learn the choreography. Anybody wanna teach me?! haha” Ellen DeGeneres is one of Hollywood’s biggest bluff callers, and she did exactly that when Britney appeared on her show yesterday. And being Ellen, she was able to get Britney the best “Gangnam Style” horse dance instructor on the planet – Psy himself!

Heeeeyyyyyy sexy laydayyy!

VIDEO The Wanted perform “Gangnam Style” with Psy, do horse dance together

South Korean singer Psy exploded onto the world pop music stage with his mind-blowing viral music video for the song “Gangnam Style,” which has garnered well over 113 million page views in less than two months. The singer, whose real name is Park Jae Sang, is gearing up for Stage 2 of his inevitable world domination with a performance on the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards tonight. But, never one to miss an opportunity for publicity, Psy has been making the rounds in Los Angeles since his arrival earlier this week. Last night he joined The Wanted on stage during their VMA pre-party performance at the Avalon. Band member Max George introduces Psy before they go into a rousing rendition of “Gangnam Style” complete with a synchronized group horse dance! PLUS, Psy give a TMZ cameraman a horse dance tutorial on the streets of LA! Heeeeeeeeeyyyy, sexy layydayy!!!